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"How To Get A Ridiculously Profitable
& High Converting Done For You
& Done With You Marketing Funnel That Automatically Sells
Top Tier Products For You..."

CAUTION: This letter reveals the biggest unfair advantage you can instantly tap into to double, triple or quadruple your sales conversions - virtually overnight because I've used it to rake in over $620,00.00 in a single month!

From: The Cluttered Desk Of Shaqir Hussyin @Private Amara Villa, Singapore,
Mission : To Serve You With A "Premium Level" Sales Funnel That Converts
Subject: Your Unfair Advantage To Become My Next Millionaire

What if I told you, you could steal the exact same marketing funnels I personally use to earn over $10,000 per day?

Without lifting a finger...
Without knowing a THING about sales funnels...
Without spending years learning how to market...

You’d be pretty excited, wouldn't you?

Now let me ask you a question:

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to sky-rocket to success virtually overnight?

One minute nobody’s heard of them, and the next they’re dominating the leader boards, raking in thousands of dollars in commissions every day. Like they have an unfair advantage.

By the time you reach the end of this letter; you'll not only understand the advantage, but exactly how you can use it to flood your bank account with endless commissions.

And I’ll say this: anyone can use it. I used this 'unfair advantage' - to go from zero to making over $1.5 million in Empower Network, and $1.2 million in MOBE.

Here's Why You Struggle With Conversions

A few short years ago I stumbled upon a new business opportunity, I borrowed some money, and spent $7,500 on ads only to make $25 in sales.

My heart was ripped out, and so I humbled myself. I purchased and read everything I could on getting traffic, and converting traffic into sales.

I invested thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours learning. Only to discover the fundamental flaw...

The Fundamental Flaw, An Insiders Confession

Everyone is told to promote the same affiliate link!

One evening at a private marketing event in Miami I was discussing this with a millionaire marketer friend (let’s call him Mr. X) and Mr. X eloquently proclaimed “they’re all full of shit”.

Lots of hype. Lots of ‘just send more traffic to your affiliate link’ and ‘blog daily’ and you’ll be raking in the big bucks. Fluff…

It’s far from the truth. When everyone is given a simple setup like this

The secret is it’s too simplistic, and ‘they‘ know it.

Yet they continue to push this whole ‘blog daily, and send traffic to your affiliate link’ spiel to new members as an on-going effort to keep the hype machine running. All while the top earners are getting filthy rich doing the polar opposite.

The Unfair Advantage Exposed!

Have you noticed by now that every top earner has their own Squeeze page, landing page, free report and email sequence? It's the missing link.

Just imagine, what if you had your own marketing funnel? Unfortunately, it takes years to learn how to execute a high converting funnel.

That's where the “unfair advantage“ comes in. Those newbies who go from zero to hero; almost all have this in common.

They were either mentored by a marketing expert, or PAID experts to build them a marketing funnel. It's kind of an insider secret.

You can’t scale your traffic campaigns sending clicks to default affiliate links and bad marketing funnels. And… you want to start making sales now, don’t you?

That’s why I decided to launch the TAP DFY Funnel Service.

The T.A.P. DFY Funnel Service

The only done for you funnel service that provides world class marketing with fast turn around time and affordable prices. It wasn't easy...

...but I twisted my top marketer's arm into building my exact same funnels for everyone.

Why? Because I’m tired of seeing the gurus win, and the thousands of people left in the dark. Blogging daily, throwing money at crappy capture pages and lame autoresponder sequences used by 1000 other people.

Isn’t is time you had something that actually works? If you want to make money quickly and easily, without the pain or frustration – you need a fast solution like this.

We’ll implement everything. So you can quickly start buying traffic, getting leads, and converting them into sales. Without the hassle.

You'll go from having a low converting funnel...

To a high converting, commission generating MACHINE like this:

Here's Exactly What We'll Build For You:

1. Killer Squeeze Pages

Without a high converting Squeeze page branded to you, you’re wasting your time buying traffic. Not only will you have low opt-in rates, but subscribers who do opt-in will be less likely to buy from you.

Our Squeeze pages will be custom made to brand you and your business while driving the highest conversion rates possible.

2. Free Report

For the highest opt-in rates, you need a killer piece of opt-in bait. A free video or report that teaches something for free, and also sells your product or business opportunity at the end.

We'll create a killer 15 page training PDF that sells your offer, and positions you as an expert. Then we’ll integrate it into your Squeeze pages so you can easily give it away to new subscribers.

3. Behaviour Based Email Follow-Ups

emailfollowupsAfter implementing your unique Squeeze pages and free report promoting your products, we'll create a behaviour based email follow-up sequence for you.

Prospects are getting smarter, and old-hat follow-up emails aren't working anymore. These funnels are 'behaviour based', and are personalized to every prospect. They will tell your story and build rapport with your subscribers, selling them your offers.

If the funnel senses your prospects are 'hot', it will send them more aggressive sales emails. If it senses your prospects are losing interest, it will send them rapport building emails. Dynamically following up with your leads to Squeeze the most sales out of them while creating a highly responsive subscriber base.

4. Front-End Product


The secret to scaling traffic campaigns quickly is selling your own high converting product on the front-end. We'll create an entire product for you, that's branded to you and targets your ideal customers. Video, PDFs, audio; and of course you'll get all the sales pages, webinars and emails implemented for you.

If you have a specific product idea or another product you want us to model; you say the word and we'll create it exactly how you want it. Or you tell us what you want to sell, what your goals are and we'll do the rest automatically.

5. Trip Wire Product

mblbs_ecoverA tripwire is the secret to making your advertising pay!

It's a low cost $7-$37 product you sell to new subscribers, to recoup money spent on traffic and use to sell your front-end product.

We'll create a simple video course for you to sell to new subscribers to instantly make your traffic investments back.

Your tripwire promotes your front-end offer. Then you can sell your core offer or business opportunity for massive back-end profits.

6. Cutting Edge Sales Letters

salesvideoVideo is one of the most powerful sales tools on the planet. We'll create an entire video sales letter for your product, and your tripwire. We'll also build full length, custom designed and coded sales letters.

These sales letters and videos are cutting edge, and allow you to drive extremely high conversions resulting in fast sales.

7. Done For You Automated Webinar

freewebinarAll experts agree that webinars are the easiest way to sell to big groups of people at once. The trouble is traditional webinars are too time consuming, and difficult to setup.

We'll create you a 45 minute webinar presentation, record it for you and automate it so it works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This element alone is like having an entire sales force working around the clock for you.

8. World Class Banner Ads

shaqbannerEveryone knows banner advertising is one of the best ways to market your business online. Inside the TMI system, I show you my exact banner ad system for getting super cheap, targeted traffic with banner ads.

The missing link is having high converting banners. We'll create sexy banners for you, that you can use for banner ad campaigns as well as for visitor re-targeting.

9. Blog Setup + Blog Post Value Sequence

funnellEmails are powerful, but nothing builds rapport better than value driven blog posts or videos. We’ll set you up a premium Worpress blog, with a premium blog theme, and get it SEO optimized for you.

Then we’ll create a blog post ‘value sequence’. A strategically structured free training series of blog posts that will promote your offer. After building out your blog, and blog posts; we'll tie them in with your email sequence.

10. Affiliate Portal Setup

affiliatecenterYou know what the highest leverage activity you can do in your business is? It's getting other people to promote you, and your business.

The easiest and most proven way of doing this is adding your product to an affiliate marketplace where all the other marketers look for new offers to promote. We'll integrate your product with JVZoo - the leading affiliate platform in the online marketing space.

We'll build you an entire affiliate program portal, full with emails, banners, articles and affiliate links for other people to promote your product. As soon as its setup, you'll have other people promoting your product, making you sales.

11. High Ticket/Back-End Offer Integration

highticketIf you're reading this, you probably already have an offer to promote. Maybe a home business opportunity, or perhaps a digital product of your own or coaching.

The secret to making lots of money online is selling your CORE offer like your home business, coaching or high-ticket info product on the back-end.

To people who've already purchased your tripwire and your front-end product. When you do this, your conversions sky-rocket. I have a very simple marketing campaign I use to get my front-end buyers and subscribers to join my high-ticket programs and business opportunities like Empower Network and MOBE.

Not only will I give you the campaign, but my team will implement it for you to build any back-end business you desire (or you could just shoot for $300-$1000/day selling your front-end).

"Waoh Woh Woh - My Own Damn Product? I have a business, man..."

When you have your own product - not only can you easily convert traffic into sales, but you're also branded as an expert and can sell any business opportunity or high-end product on the back-end. You'll have leverage in your business, because dozens or hundreds of others will be promoting your product for you.

If you only want a funnel for your existing business - that's okay too. We have the PRO Marketer package available. Let me explain. The PRO Marketer page will be a sales funnel to sell your existing home business or product.

The other more premium packages come with your own done for you products so you can acquire customers easily (to make money faster), and automatically sell your core offer/high ticket programs on the back-end.

The Funnel Packages

Can You Imagine The Possibilities?

  • Spending $1000 on traffic, and having your funnel convert those subscribers into $2000, $5000 or $10,000+ in sales.
  • Waking up each day, placing a few traffic orders and taking the rest of the day off.
  • Joining the ranks of the gurus, and dominating leaderboards because you have an unfair advantage.
  • Relaxing on the beaches of the world, with the person of your dreams because your 'conversion machine' is working for you.

Real Sales, From Real Client Product Funnels

"It Feels Good To Rob Someone In Broad Daylight"

If you are lucky enough to find the right people; it's reasonable to pay $30,000 or even $50,000 for projects of this complexity.

The fact is, based on the money a high converting proven funnel will make you, $50,000 would be a good deal. You'd pay a lot more than that for a franchise business, which would only leave you working long hours, and essentially having another JOB.

If you went to a typical marketing agency or freelancer (if you can even find one who can create this kind of stuff), you’d be looking at prices like these:

  • Squeeze Pages: $250+ each.
  • Free Report Writing: $500-$1000+.
  • Follow-up Emails: $75-$100+ per email.
  • Design Work: $1000-$3000+
  • Product Creation: $5000-$10,000+

One of these funnels is the engine you can use to sky-rocket to the 6 and 7 figure level.

It's the ultimate done for you solution, and is going to be available for a limited time only.

If you'd like a done for you business in a box, a sales funnel that actually works and allows you to convert traffic into sales, submit the form below.

Become My Next Success Story, And Complete Your Payment After You Make Your First $100,000!

I want you to become my next success story.

I realize not everyone can afford to spend $10,000-$50,000+ for their sales funnel today.

Fortunately for you, I'm looking for a handful of serious individuals who want to be featured in my upcoming book as one of my success stories.

So I decided to do something crazy. You can pay 50% upfront, and 50% after you make your first $100,000 with your funnel.

Now real quick... My business manager is on my ass about this, as I'm virtually losing money here. I'm just so confident about this, that I'm willing to foot the cost until you hit your first six figures.


Obviously these funnels won't be dirt cheap, due to the high levels of experience and resources required to build them. So if you're looking for push-button riches or a free ride, this might not be for you.

However, if you feel like this is right for you, and you’d like my team to build you a done for you funnel that you can start using to make sales right away...

1. Submit this form to apply for a done for you funnel.

Fill out my online form.

After submission, we'll schedule a short phone call for 15-30 minutes, where we'll go through your business with my top sales funnel expert. He'll answer your questions, and if you're a good fit; we'll take your details and start building your funnel.